Workers Compensation

Accidents can happen anytime in the workplace, and unfortunately employees can get injured in the process. Employers in Florida are legally obligated to assure the safety of their workplace. That’s where Cameron Asbell Insurance can help. We make sure you and your employees are fully covered with quality workers’ compensation insurance in Bronson, Florida that gives you peace of mind.

Our workers’ compensation coverage is designed to make sure the injured employee receives medical care and compensation of income while they are not working, as well as ensure the employer is protected from a potential lawsuit. We understand the necessity of such a policy and how important it is for each employer to have the plan that meets their needs. When you need Florida workers compensation for your business in Bronson, Cameron Asbell Insurance is here to help.

Call our office today at (352) 486-7007 to speak to one of our friendly agents about which type of workers’ compensation plan fits your needs.